Mohamed Bua Ture could not win his own marriage

Swedish club Malmö footballer Mohamed Bua Toure could not attend

his own wedding to keep the request of a new club.

Later the brother had to be sent to complete the marriage ceremony.

In this season, after spending some time in the Chinese Super League,

he moved to Sweden. First played for Hebei China Fortune and then Henan Sangshan Longmen.

He went to Sweden from China on July 21 in response to the club’s call to join the quick practice.

And that day was his wedding. But the club had already announced that he would be included in the team the next day.

But this footballer from Sierra Leone could not have thought that it would be the wedding day of the tour.

Toure was unable to attend his own wedding ceremony in Sierra Leone as he flew

directly from China to Sweden to join his new club on the day of the wedding.

However, he sent his own brother to attend the wedding so that the wedding ceremony would not be delayed.

Mohamed Bua Ture could not win his own marriage

After that, Ture posted three pictures with the bride in her wedding dress on social media.

He also informed that he had taken the pictures long before the wedding ceremony.

A couple of weeks have passed after the wedding, but Tur has not yet met his wife.

In an interview with Afton Bladet, Toure said, ‘We got married on July 21 in Sierra Leone.

I could not attend (the wedding) as I was asked to join the club in Malmo quickly.’

Ture added, ‘We had already put up the pictures. Even though I wasn’t there, the pictures look like I was there.

My brother was present at the wedding on my behalf.’

Although married, Ture could not bring his wife to Sweden. The 27-year-old player is working for him.