18 million years old Jurassic age resources

Scientists often find different types of fossils in different parts of the world. which reveal ever-new mysteries.

In this case, a virtual “treasure trove” of fossils from the Jurassic period was recently found in a field in England.

This farm is located on the outskirts of Gloucestershire. Besides, it was used as a grazing ground for cattle.

Naturally, no one could have imagined the 18 million-year-old mystery hidden in this pasture!

It is known that the researchers recently found the remains of fish fossils from there.

Fossils of sea monsters, ichthyosaurs, squids, insects and other ancient animals have also been found.

In this case, scientists think that this field is 18 million years old.

Meanwhile, during the excavation, scientists found more than 100 fossils, including a fish head, which was fully preserved in 3D.

It is known that the fish belongs to the extinct species Pachycomers. The fossil was formed on a limestone.

Besides, the structure of the fish eye is clearly seen in it.

Neville Hollingsworth, a field geologist at the University of Birmingham, is said to have discovered the site with his wife Sally

18 million years old Jurassic age resources

Fully Preserved Fish: On this subject, Sally said, “We’ve never seen anything like this before.

It has every part of the fish clearly visible.

Not only that, the eye hole is also visible.”

The couple was so excited about the fossils found here that they have already signed a contract with a company called “Think Sea 3D”.

Where 3D models of fossils will be created. And as a result they can observe them closely.

According to scientists, this area of ​​UK was once submerged in the sea.

“The fossils were protected by the sediment,” said Dean Lomax, a scientist at the University of Manchester,

who replaced the bone with marine minerals. After the fish died, it must have gone deep into the ocean.

Remaining minerals from the sea may have replaced its teeth and bones.”

Meanwhile, this month, about 80 meters of the field has been excavated.

Where many fossils have also been found.

In this case, the concerned team plans to continue monitoring the samples and it is also said that the details will be released soon.