Sri Lanka will get 61 crore rupees from the Asia Cup even

Although scheduled to be held in Sri Lanka, the Asia Cup has been shifted to Dubai,

United Arab Emirates due to security reasons.

The event will be held on August 27, with Sri Lanka as the host.

Sri Lanka Cricket will also get a huge amount of money from this tournament. News ESPN Cricinfo.

According to reports, Sri Lanka will receive $6.5 million from the Asian Cricket Council.

The amount in Bangladeshi Taka is about 61 crore 63 lakh 39 thousand.

This includes host ownership fee, ticket sales fee and 6 team participation fee.

There is no doubt that Sri Lanka would have earned more if they hosted the tournament at home.

Party secretary Mohan Silva gave such opinion. He said, “If we could organize it (Asia Cup), it would have a great impact on the economy.”

Afghanistan and Sri Lanka are entering the field on the first day of this season

Sri Lanka will get 61 crore rupees from the Asia Cup even

The two teams will face each other on August 27. The much awaited India-Pakistan match will take place on the second day of the tournament.

After the last T20 World Cup, these two arch rivals are facing each other for the first time.

In view of the T20 World Cup in October, this year’s tournament will be in the T20 format,

which ACC believes will contribute greatly to the World Cup preparation of the 6 participating teams.

A total of six teams are participating in this year’s Asia Cup. Qualified teams are – Bangladesh, India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Afghanistan.

The remaining group will be between the United Arab Emirates, Kuwait, Singapore and Hong Kong.