In 1950, India got a chance to play in the World Cup

Football World Cup is a name of regret for South Asians.

Because none of the countries in this region got a chance to participate in any of the previous 21 editions.

However, despite getting the opportunity to play in the 1950 World Cup, India lost it miserably.

The main reason for this is the indifference of the AIFF officials and the lack of habit of playing with boots.

Even then, the devastation of World War II was scattered around the world In the meantime,

FIFA has stepped up to organize the World Cup to tie everyone together But the problem lies elsewhere Europe, battered by World War II,

refused to host But Brazil expressed interest Fifa is necessarily forced The year is 1950

In addition to the winner of the previous season,

Italy and the host Brazil

7 teams from Europe, 6 from America and 1 from Asia will participate. India also got a call from Asia along with Philippines, Burma,

Indonesia But if the remaining three teams do not want to participate, India will get a place in the World Cup directly

Team India led by captain Shailene Manna was then a dark horse In 48 Olympics, playing barefoot,

they stopped France at the appointed time But the

AIFF officials still could not understand the importance of the World Cup

In 1950, India got a chance to play in the World Cup

They decided not to participate in the World Cup on principle The reasoning behind this is said to be the cost of the ship,

the short practice time, the low amount of foreign currency and the long voyage to Brazil.

Although it said that he is not used to playing with boots Because all the Indian team played barefoot then

Hosts Brazil then offered to cover the entire cost But AIFF did not agree to that As a result,

they forced to organize the World Cup with 13 teams The fixtures have to be rearranged Because

Turkey and Scotland did not participate in this event

However, India’s non-participation in the World Cup despite having the opportunity far-reaching If they had participated in the World Cup,

the entire South Asian football might have changed today The wave that might have fallen in Bengal too