World billionaire's visit to South Korea

Bill Gates, the American billionaire and founder of the famous technology company Microsoft, has called on South Korea to play a greater role in global health protection, especially in the prevention of the coronavirus epidemic. He made this call in a meeting with South Korean lawmakers in the capital Seoul on Tuesday (August 16). News The Hindu.

Bill Gates arrived in Seoul on Monday (August 15) for a three-day visit. The issue of global health protection is gaining importance in his visit. The next day, Tuesday, Gates met with South Korean President Eon Suk-yeol. He also met with South Korean lawmakers in Seoul.

In these important meetings with the country’s officials, Bill Gates called for increased international cooperation in combating infectious diseases such as the Corona epidemic.

Calling the corona epidemic as a “crisis moment” for global health, he further said that stronger international cooperation is needed to fight diseases like corona in the future.

At this time, he also stressed on the development of effective vaccines to prevent the epidemic.

World billionaire's visit to South Korea

Bill Gates also wants a partnership with South Korea on global health. He said the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and the South Korean government are committed to a significant partnership to address health disparities in the country.

At this time, Bill Gates highlighted South Korea’s strength and capacity in public health, research and vaccine production. He also praised the Korean government’s donation of 200 million dollars to the United Nations Kovacs program for low-income countries.