Ukraine liberated Kharkiv from the enemy

Six months have passed since the Russia-Ukraine war. At the beginning of the war, Russian forces occupied large areas of Ukraine with a series of missile and air strikes. But as time went on, Russia’s success on the battlefield faded. Russian troops have recently retreated from Kharkiv in northeastern Ukraine.

  • Recapturing Kharkiv is considered a major achievement for Western-armed Ukrainian forces. However, the question has arisen, is the retreat from Kharkiv a military failure of Moscow, or a strategy? Therefore, many are analyzing the apparent success of the Ukrainian army in Kharkiv. Through this, efforts are being made to determine the nature of the war in the coming days.
  • Ukrainian troops liberated Kharkiv in less time than expected. Western media reported that Russian troops had been driven out of more than 30 towns and villages there. According to these reports, the Russian forces retreated without minimal resistance. They fled leaving ammunition, military equipment, armored vehicles in many places.
  • Nikolai Mytrokhin, a Russia analyst at the University of Bremen in Germany, calls the liberation of Kharkiv a “big achievement” by the Ukrainian forces. He said, “In just four days, the Ukrainian army has canceled the success of Russia for four months. Russian forces have suffered major losses in Kharkiv.
  • A Ukrainian policeman sorts through unexploded ordnance recovered from an area liberated from Russian forces. Monday in the city of Zolochiv, Kharkiv region, Ukraine
  • In just four days, Ukrainian forces have reversed four months of Russian success. Russian forces suffered heavy losses in Kharkiv. Nikolai Maitrokhin, a Russia analyst at the University of Bremen in Germany
  • According to Nikolai Maitrokhin, the incident in Kharkiv raises several questions. Most importantly, why did the Russian troops retreat? According to him, a major reason for the retreat was to retain control of the neighboring Moscow-ruled areas of Donetsk and Luhansk. For this, Moscow did not hesitate to give up control of Kharkiv.
  • In this regard, Nikolai said, the decision to withdraw from Kharkiv came from the highest level in Moscow. In the meantime, Russia has deployed its remaining logistics and fighters to secure Donetsk and Luhansk. Moscow has already made the security of Donetsk and Luhansk a top priority.
  • Nikolai also commented that the retreat from Kharkiv reminded him of last April. He said that last April, Moscow withdrew its troops from four regions of Ukraine, including the capital, Kiev.

Just five months later, the same incident happened in Kharkiv.

Ukraine liberated Kharkiv from the enemy

When troops withdrawn from the four regions in April,

Russia said it would focus on maintaining control over Russian-held areas in northern Ukraine. But now the army has to be withdrawn from Kharkiv; However, Moscow has stated that it is persistent in achieving its goals in Ukraine. “Military operations are continuing and will continue until our goals are achieved,” Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov told reporters on Sunday.

  • The Institute for the Study of War has said that the country’s military shortage is behind the Russian army’s failure in Kharkiv. According to the company, this battle will probably take place in the next year. However, the Ukrainian forces still managed to keep control of the battle in their favor. They have been able to do this so far due to the use of modern weaponry such as the long-range missile system High Mobility Artillery Rocket System (HIMERS) provided by the West and effective warfare.
  • According to Nikolai Maitrokhin, the loss of control of Kharkiv is a big blow for Russian troops, regardless of what Russia says. He also said that the events of last April were identified by many Ukrainian strategists and military analysts as a “serious mistake” in Russia’s military strategy. According to them, the same has happened this time too. Russian troops fighting in Kharkiv were deficient in training.

A similar view is taken by Russian defense analyst Yuri Fedorov. Many taken from neighboring Donetsk and Luhansk to fight in Kharkiv, he said. Among them were civilians. None of them given proper training. Many had no combat experience. Many did not understand why they came to fight. Because they are going to sacrifice their lives. So they had no choice but to retreat.