Transgender of men due to greed of money

Transgender or third gender people are created by gender surgery. A terrible gang is carrying out such activities day after day in Gazipur with the greed of making money. About half a hundred people are now living a transgender life in their clutches.

Garment worker Asadul Islam has been Tapur for 10 years. Divya changed the shape of his son and now he is a third gender man. In a family-less life, they are their own people. So, despite all this, try to forget the pain.

Those who once had a family, a normal life. So why their life! Times news spoke to some of those of the third gender. They said that due to the greed of money, their physical appearance was changed through gender surgery and special drugs at the surgical clinic.

It has been alleged that Babu and Shahid Hijra of Boardbazar in Gazipur are the masterminds of this gang. One by one they are converting people into the third gender by targeting feminine men and making them greedy.

Later, various crimes including extortion, drug trade, etc. were carried out by them.

Transgender of men due to greed of money

Several people who have transitioned to the third gender say that the cycle has built up a fortune with the money they have earned over a long period of time. Meanwhile, when the accused Babu was contacted, he denied the fact of conversion to the third gender.

In this regard, Gazipur Metropolitan Police Commissioner Moola Nazrul Islam said, turning healthy people into another gender is a crime. Strict action will be taken against them. Allegedly, about 40 people have lost their penis in the clutches of this cycle.