death of a young man on his way to Italy has gone viral

A young man named Tapas Sarkar, a resident of Sunamganj, died in extreme heat while

crossing the border from Greece to Italy in the hope of a better life.

Recently a video of Tapas Sarkar’s death went viral on social media Facebook.

According to family sources, Tapas Chhatke, the elder son of deceased Satish

Chandra Sarkar and Jochna Rani Talukdar of Bagucha village

of Ward No. 3 of Jayashree Union of Dharmapasha Upazila of the district,

worked as the manager of his relative’s grocery store and lived on rent in Mandalibhog area of ​​Chatak town.

Illegally moved to Greece via Turkey with friends 6 months before the covid pandemic.

From there, a Bangladeshi living in Greece made an agreement to go from Greece to Serbia through a broker.

It was said that he would later go to Italy through another broker from Serbia.

  • On this route, the brokers first entered Albania through the various borders of Greece.
  • After 2 to 3 days in Albania take the opportunity to Montenegro.
  • Collected the money agreed with Montenegro. If the money is paid,
  • take it to Serbia or Bosnia. Later, Italy was reached through Slovenia through various borders.
  • Meanwhile, according to that agreement, a “game” team of about 30 people, including Tapas,
  • arrived in Albania from Greece on August 3. After 8 hours crossing the high mountains from the land border
  • of Albania in intense heat and entering Montenegro, Tapas was suddenly looted in the mountains.
  • At that time, thinking that his death was certain, brokers and other passengers left him behind.
  • The two acquaintances who were with him tried hard and left without getting any response from him.

However, they made a video of the incident and sent it to their relatives in Greece

death of a young man on his way to Italy has gone viral

The deceased Tapas Sarkar studied up to SSC. He has a younger brother named Suman Sarkar.

Younger brother Suman Sarkar said his brother Tapas wanted to go to Italy from Greece

but he died in extreme heat. Relatives confirmed the death after seeing the video on Facebook.

Shyamal Sarkar, UP member of Ward No. 3 of Jayashree Union, uncle of Tapas Sarkar,

said that the deceased Tapas Sarkar was his nephew.

About two and a half years ago he went abroad. On August 7, he confirmed

the death of Tapas after seeing a picture of him on social media.

Chairman of Jayashree Union Parishad Sanjay Roy Chowdhury said that he heard the news that a boy

from the area died on his way to Greece. But don’t know the details.