The Vatican does not have access to this secret archive

All people are equal in the world. However, humans are not free-willed creatures. People can’t go wherever they want. There are many places around the world where common people are not allowed to enter. However, where there is mystery,

there is a desire to penetrate. The mysteries of the world are endless. Vatican City is one of the world’s smallest states. Since the 8th century, no one knows the secrets of this state. And the main attraction of this Vatican City is the secret archive or museum.

Rumor has it, there is a thousand-year-old electromagnetic radiation device or time viewer in a secret cell of the Pope’s church. Through which the fathers see the past, present and future. According to some, there are 84 thousand documents and books in this secret closet.

There are copies of the original Bible and letters from the time of Jesus. In these, all the information from the fall of Greece to the crucifixion of Jesus is preserved. So no one allowed to see them. The sole guardian of all this is the Pope.

This secret archive of the Vatican City has  developed with various letters, ordinances and many such historical things exchanged by the Popes at different times in the past centuries. Its journey began in the 17th century under Pope Paul V.

85 km long shelves and extensive catalog covering 35 thousand volumes. All in all, this secret archive of the Vatican  a big mystery for people, which has not solved even today.

According to many conspiracy theorists, the archive contains correspondence between St. Paul and Emperor Nero about the existence and descendants of Jesus Christ. Aliens  not excluded from this theory. According to some, there  evidence of the existence of aliens hidden! It  said that the Vatican archive has the world’s largest collection of pornography.

I would like to give a special information, that is Chronovisor is an imaginary machine with the help of which it is possible to see past and present.

However, according to conspiracy theorists, Italian priest and scientist Father Pellegrino Mario Arnetti has built such a machine long ago. He made it to watch the crucifixion of Jesus Christ!

After getting the permission there are some processes. And finally, before entering the archive, you have to tell the person in charge, exactly what you want to see the document on. No

That is why they have to look at the names of the documents in the catalog to inform them about the subject of interest.

Those rules haven’t changed much in the past 200 years. If a searcher doesn’t find the name of the thing he needs there after a while, he has to go back. Although there is a computer system inside, there is no permission to take pictures. So researchers type their useful notes when they go inside.