The old woman stood on the roof of the flying plane

An amazing video of an old woman has gone viral on social media.

In the video, he seen standing on top of a flying plane.

It goes without saying that anyone who watches this video be shocked.

Even after sharing this video on Facebook, netizens have watched it thousands of times.

It is known that the woman standing on the roof of the fly plane is 93 years old.

  • The video shows a flight flying in the sky and a 93-year-old woman standing on its roof.
  • Anyone who sees this scene  amazed.
  • Such an amazing video of a woman has gone viral on social media.
  • The plane is flying with the wind.
  • The plane landed within minutes of diving into the air.
  • Bromage held his own in the strong winds which surprised everyone.

However, sources also said that he followed all safety protocols during this time

The old woman stood on the roof of the flying plane

Betty Bromage can  heard saying in the video, wonderful experience.

I enjoyed it, it was a very exciting and different experience.”

At the same time, Brian Korns, the pilot of the flight, said,

“I don’t know who was more scared – me or Bromage? Bromage is truly a wonderful woman.”

However, this is not the first time that 93-year-old Betty Bromage has accomplished this feat.

He has done this four times before. Bromage, a UK resident,

recently completed his fifth flight as a wing walker as part of the High-Flying Challenge.

The Independent reported that Bromage did the feat in aid of a charity despite all the physical difficulties.