Tata Group is bringing the cheapest e-car to the market

After Tata Nixon and Tata Tigor, the company has announced another electric car. Tata is going to appear in the Indian market with a new electric car very soon. Tata Tiago, one of the favorite small cars of the country,

is going to get a new electric variant.

Tata has focused on building electric cars for several years now. Meanwhile, Tata’s two electric cars are hitting the market. The company plans to launch a total of 10 electric vehicles in the market within the next few years. Tata Motors had plans to launch electric vehicles in sedan and hatchback segments along with SUVs. The new electric variant of Tata Tiago is considered to be an important step towards that goal.

Auto experts believe that the Tata Tiago will also use Ziptron technology,

just like the Tata Nixon and Tata Tigor. However,

Tata Group is bringing the cheapest e-car to the market

it is believed that there will not be much difference between the old Tiago and this new electric car in terms of looks or features. The new Tiago will be available in two electric vehicle signature colors Teal Blue and Daytona Grey.

However, no announcement about the launch of this car has been made yet. However, it is believ that the car can come to the market at the end of 2022 or the beginning of 2023. It is going to be the cheapest electric car. It is expect that the price of Tata Tiago  below 10 lakhs in Indian currency.