Taiwan trusted the United States

China is far ahead of Taiwan in terms of military capabilities. Western analysts believe that Taiwan will use all its strength in self-defense.

And through this, the forces of Taipei (Taiwan) have the ability to slow down the attack of Beijing (China).

The question is, how did a small country like Taiwan get into a war with a country rich in military power (China)? Who will rely on Taiwan war?

Analysts also say that Taiwan has the opportunity to receive military assistance from outside countries during counter-guerrilla warfare as well as on land.

Taiwan is far behind China in terms of military power. However, US President Joe Biden has promised that the US will provide defense support if China ever launches an armed attack on Taiwan.

Meanwhile, the United States agreed to sell arms to Taiwan last year worth about $1.8 billion. Which includes F Sixteen fighter jet sensors, missiles, rocket launchers and sophisticated weapons.

The Biden administration recently approved the sale of nearly $2.5 billion worth of defense equipment to Taipei.

Washington said that it is possible to destroy warships, airplanes and submarines with these new weapons. The United States claims, with the help of this weapon, Taiwan will be able to protect its coast.

According to armedforces.ua, China has about 280 nuclear warheads. But according to various sources, China has as many as 350 or 400 nuclear weapons.

  • China has conducted 45 nuclear tests so far. On the other hand, Taiwan does not currently have any kind of nuclear weapons. However, the country has been accused of carrying out secret nuclear research and activities at various times.
  • Li Mingxiang, an associate professor of international relations at Nanyang Technological University in Singapore, said that US engagement with Taiwan has increased in recent years.
  • This poses a threat to China’s interests. From this idea, the issue of Beijing’s military threat has come to the fore.
  • He also said that Beijing’s fears about Taiwan have increased since the administration of former US President Donald Trump.

In Beijing’s view, Washington has gradually become Taiwan’s pro-independence friend. The US no longer respects the ‘one China policy’.

In addition, the visits of politicians from Europe and the United States to Taiwan have also increased.

Incidentally, the 82-year-old Pelosi visited Taiwan last Tuesday (August 2) night despite China’s strict warning.

He is the most senior US politician to visit Taiwan in 25 years. And China is angry and worried about security.🔱