New History Wasfia Nazreen

Wasfia Nazreen, the only Bangladeshi mountaineer who has conquered the highest seven peaks in seven regions of the world,

has returned home after making history.

He returned home after becoming the first Bangladeshi to conquer the world’s second highest and most dangerous mountain peak K-2.

The 39-year-old mountaineer returned home on a flight from Kathmandu, Nepal, on Wednesday (August 17) afternoon.

Wasfia spoke about the journey of the two-month-long Karakoram expedition at a press conference held at an elite hotel in the capital.

He said that Wasfia Nazreen was the first Bangladeshi to get permission from the Pakistani authorities to do mountain climbing and trekking.

  • Wasfia said in the press conference, “When Bangladesh turned 40, I started the journey to conquer the Seven Summits.”
  • In 50 years of the country I wanted to win K-2. For this I prepared myself for the K-2 journey through hard work for 10 years.
  • Death-zone mountains (mountains where climbing is extremely dangerous due to severe lack of oxygen) require many people to climb.
  • And I am thankful to my team for this success. And several of those in my group are considered the best climbers in the world at the moment.
  • Thank you to everyone who wished me well and trusted me.

Wasfia said, “K-2 is the most difficult mountain I have ever climbed, where I hit rocks several times and in some cases luck also helped us. K-Too is locally known as ‘Chogori’ or King of the Mountain, there is a risk of death at every step! We are among the few mountaineers who have conquered K-2 and returned once. There are also many world-renowned mountaineers who have tried for years but have not been able to conquer this peak. I would like to specially thank Renata Limited, the sponsor of this campaign.

They trusted me in this mission and supported me in every way.”

New History Wasfia Nazreen

  • He said, “The K-To mountain located in the Karakoram range is 8,611 meters high and is known to everyone as more inaccessible than Everest for mountaineers to climb.
  • Only 400 climbers managed to reach the top of this ‘Savage Mountain’ due to the dangerous environment,
  • almost pyramid-like slopes and uncertain weather, many of whom never got the chance to come down.’
  • Wasfia Nazreen climbed the K-To peak with her team on July 22. He is the first Bengali and also the first Bangladeshi to conquer the seven highest peaks of the seven continents.
  • Renata was by his side as a sponsor in many of his campaigns.
  • He is the first Bengali and Bangladeshi to conquer K-2, the world’s second highest, Pakistan’s highest and most remote and dangerous mountain peak.
  • Since 1954, she is one of the 40 women climbers who have climbed K-2, known as the world’s most inaccessible and terrifying peak.
  • Wasfia Nazreen’s campaign sponsored by Renata Limited.

He said, thanks to my team for this success. Several of those who on the team are considered to be the best climbers in the world at the moment.

Thank you to everyone who wished me well and trusted me.