Kuwaiti family and visit visas have been stopped

Family and visit visas are closed for expatriates from different countries in Kuwait.

Many expatriates are disappointed by such news.

However, after testing the new procedures and conditions, the Ministry of Home Affairs has assured to reopen the country.

Kuwait has suspended family and visit visas for expatriates from various countries.

The Ministry of Home Affairs has given this instruction verbally to the Residency Affairs Department.

This instruction will continue till further instructions. However, those who have already been granted a family visa will not be covered under the new directive.

  • Besides, doctors and European citizens will not fall under this decision.
  • Expatriates are disappointed with the news of visa suspension.
  • However, after the examination, they are somewhat relieved by the assurance that it will be easy to get a visa.
  • An expatriate said, earlier family visa was not given, now they are thinking anew, so I can see a little hope.

At one time, Kuwaiti expatriates could easily bring their families or parents to travel to the country.

Kuwaiti family and visit visas have been stopped

However, the process of this visa has been made difficult since last few years.

Another expatriate said, we will request the Bangladesh government to communicate with the Kuwait government about the fact that we do not get family visa.

Many expatriates work in Kuwait. Someone does business. Many expatriates cannot visit the country every year due to various reasons. So they demand to simplify family visa.

According to the latest data, 68% of the total population of Kuwait are expatriates. Bangladesh ranks third among expatriates with six percent.