Greetings from space Samantha

Tomorrow Monday (August 15) is India’s 75th Independence Day. People of all levels of the country have completed all kinds of preparations around the day. Greetings are coming from different countries on the occasion of the day. At the same time, a greeting message came from space.

Italian astronaut Samantha Cristoforetti congratulated India for the historic moment. He also talked about two important projects of the Indian space research organization ‘ISRO’.

The Italian astronaut’s current address is the International Space Station. ISRO shared a video message sent by him from there. At the beginning of the video, Samantha wished India on its 75th year of independence.

He said, ‘For decades, international space research organizations

have helped ISRO in various missions related to space research.

Greetings from space Samantha

With their help ISRO’s NISA Earth Science Mission project is underway which will open new avenues in our research on climate change and natural disasters.

The Indian Space Research Organization is working in a joint initiative with the American space research agency NASA to conduct research on climate change and natural disasters. The mission has been named NASA Earth Science Mission after the names of the two research organizations. The mission will help reduce disaster losses by monitoring the movement of natural disasters before and after they start.