Cities where motorized vehicles are prohibited in Greece

A picture-perfect island is located in the Aegean Sea of ​​Greece.

The name of this amazing island is Hydra.

The area of ​​this island is 20 square kilometers. The population is about 1,900 people.

The island had many sources of water.

The water of the Mediterranean Sea blows in the southerly wind and wets the island.

Since then the name of the island is Hydra.

In ancient times the island was known as Hydria, a reference to the island’s natural springs.

However, Hydra also has another meaning.

In Greek mythology, the Hydra is a multi-headed aquatic reptile.

This island has many specialties.

The surprising thing is that you won’t find any bikes

cars or taxis in Hydra! All types of motorized vehicles are prohibited here! So the Hydra has no black smoke, no annoying sound of horn.

The island can be toured by horse or donkey or by water taxi.

Refugees fleeing the persecution of the Turks, who took refuge in Hydra, were skilled in navigation and shipbuilding.

The name Hydra was very popular in nautical science.

In 1821 AD, when all of Greece united against the Turks, two-thirds of the total warships belonged to the Hydra’s navy.

All the hotels and restaurants are near the wharf in the northern part of Hydra.

  • Greek food at Hydra. Fresh grilled fish is Hydra’s specialty. Chicken is not very popular here.
  • Garlic and cream make a dish called souvlaki – a favorite of many.
  • The national drink of Greece is Ouzo. Ouzo liquor is produced from fennel.
  • Tourists are delighted by the alluring scent of fennel.
  • A lot of pistachios are available here.
  • Peeled salted pistachios, these pistachios arranged in plastic packets in many small and large stores.
  • Hydra has more jewelry stores.
  • Not only that, jewelry also found in Manohari shops. All the shops here sell embroidered clothes, ghagras which are very beautiful and valuable.
  • Hydra has some large old palatial houses.
  • The famous actress Elizabeth Taylor who played the title role of ‘Cleopatra’ in the popular classic movie released in 1963 bought a house on this small island of Hydra.
  • Besides, many artists, writers have their houses here.
  • They spent a few days relaxing in the calm and serene atmosphere of Hydra.
  • And the island also loved by film directors.
  • Highlights of Hydra Island in Greece – Mount Eros, 500m high mountain, numerous old buildings.
  • Most of them  made of stone.
  • The residence of the first president of Greece is also located here.

Eros can be reached by riding a donkey from Hydra

Cities where motorized vehicles are prohibited in Greece

Hydra’s museums are a must-visit for visitors that steeped in its history.

A romantic and poetic aura prevails in Hydra and visitors enjoy the atmosphere very much.

Tourists get quite hospitable treatment from locals and feel like foreign tourists.

All in all, this beautiful island of Greece can be one of the best destinations for your trip.

  • Hydra is of particular interest to art enthusiasts during the summer months.
  • Over the years, the island has been a major painting subject for artists.
  • It continues to attract artists from various artistic fields, giving the island a contemporary artistic identity.
  • Car traffic is prohibit on this island to preserve the natural beauty of the island.
  • But you will find horses and donkeys! Yes, you see right. The only means of transportation here are horses and donkeys!
  • A small island, dust blown by donkey-drawn carts. You have to go from one place to another by riding a donkey.
  • Otherwise, your only asset is your own. But it’s safe to say that you won’t feel any discomfort to explore such a wonderful place on foot.

The entire island is surroun by a beautiful small sea call the Aegean, so water taxis are plentiful.

One of the best memories of your life is to explore the entire Hydra Island while holding hands with your loved one in this water taxi!