Cause of prohibition to go alone on the last road!

How many things are unknown in the universe! For example, where does this world begin and where does it end? Such things are still unknown to many people.

This is the last road on earth in the North Pole of Norway, which is why it  forbidden to go alone!

Even if it  known, the truth of that information remains unclear. Similarly, there  a place called the end road of the world.

  • It  said that there is no road after this. a long way Wrapped in light and darkness. covered in snow A long lonely path of dread. The road  called ‘The Last Road of the World’ but its real name is E 69 Highway. This road is connected to the North Pole of Norway.
  • There are several rules when traveling on the E-69 highway. If you do not follow them, it forbidden to go there alone. First is the prohibition of going alone to the end of the world.

Due to the novel geographical location of the E 69, no one  allowed to go alone here. It is cold here as the wind blows at a terrible speed.

The weather here is very unpredictable. It snows here even in summer. Also, being near the sea coast, the weather changes at any moment. And this road completely closed in winter. Driving here is extremely dangerous when there is heavy snow or rain. The storm does not come here. And because of this unpredictable weather, no one allowed to go alone here.

Landscape as picture. In winter, the temperature hovers between minus 26 to minus 43 degrees Celsius. It is already six months of day and six months of night here. People from all over the world come to see the North Pole. This is a different world.

People fascinated  the beauty of the setting sun and the aurora borealis. Play green and pink lights in the dark blue sky! And all these can  taking the E Sixteenth Highway. But the problem is, this is the end of the world. Means, after that there is no road.