Eggs can't be kept on the fridge shelf

Eggs are most commonly used as a quick breakfast or as a quick cooking item during busy times. Moreover, almost everyone’s favorite food for breakfast is eggs.

And that’s why eggs are always there whether there is anything else in the fridge or not. Most people keep eggs in a specific area of ​​the fridge. But food experts are of the opinion that it is not good to keep eggs on the egg shelf.

Food expert Darren Beal of and Marjorie Nolan Cone, owner of MNC Nutrition, warned that eggs can spoil quickly if they are stored on the specific shelf inside the door of the refrigerator.

According to them, eggs should not be kept on the refrigerator door shelf. Because repeatedly opening and closing the refrigerator door does not keep the temperature of the eggs on the door shelf constant.

As a result, eggs are likely to spoil faster than normal. So it is better to keep eggs on the main shelf of the fridge instead of on the door shelf.

Eggs can  quickly taken from the egg shelf on the fridge door, but this is actually not an ideal place. Both Darren and Marjorie said that because the fridge door  opened and closed repeatedly, the temperature changes a lot.

It is not good for eggs. If you keep the eggs in the back of the refrigerator, you can protect the eggs from temperature fluctuations, it keeps the eggs fresh for a long time.