Jacqueline Fernandez asked to know her fault

Bollywood actress Jacqueline has been discussed for quite some time.

But that is negative.

Jacqueline Fernandez’s name has appeared in various media with Sukesh Chandrasekhar.

According to Indian media, Sukesh had a relationship with Jacqueline.

  • It has been claimed in various media that Sukesh gave the valuable gift bought with black money to him.
  • The Enforcement Directorate (ED) has summoned Jacqueline several times. Sukesh is currently in jail.
  • However, Jacqueline remained silent on the matter for a long time.
  • In a recent interview, Jacqueline said, why are so many negative comments about him? He wants to know what was his mistake?
  • After that he said, ‘As a person, I want everyone to like me.
  • A very normal thing.

If someone doesn’t like you, you start feeling uncomfortable

Jacqueline Fernandez asked to know her fault

But if there is hatred, it is better to know it. What did I do wrong? Does anyone know?

If lime is removed from the star’s drink, the fault becomes a thousandfold.

I want to know the reason for being so strict with me!’

A few days ago, Jacqueline’s South movie ‘Vikram Rona’ was released.

He shared the screen with Kichcha Sudeep in this movie.

The movie has already earned Rs 100 crore. Apart from this, he has the movie ‘Circus’ in his hand.

Apart from Jacqueline, the movie also stars Ranveer Singh, Pooja Hede.